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We're happy to announce the 9th re:publica, to be held May, 5 - 7 2015 and look forward to welcoming you at STATION-Berlin.
As in 2014, there will be a pre:publica on Monday, May, 4. Holding the registration event on the day before the programme actually begins, found such favour, we have decided to do this again. It removes the need for lengthy queueing at the opening and offers a more relaxed opportunity to say hello over a beer or a tasty snack.


It's now eleven weeks since we asked for your comments on this years' re:publica (rp14). We're delighted to report that a record 857 of you contributed to the questionnaire. Our sincere thanks to you all! 


In co-operation with the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, re:publica 2014 dedicated a separate sub-conference to the topic of “net surveillance”: Lets take a look back!


Post:publica is pre:publica – and because we are always looking to improve, we’d like to discuss what went well and what could have gone better.


Hosted under the title science:lab, re:publica 2014 and the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung’s sponsored Wissenschaftsjahr 2014 – Die digitale Gesellschaft organised a sub conference on open science – a retrospective.


re:publica 2014 is over and before we start planning out #rp15 we’ve compiled all video and audiostreams, as well as features from our partners, joiz and ALEX, into this overview.


Day three of re:publica was packed full with stage programme. From our youngest speaker to the big finale in the evening, the final day of #rp14 went INTO THE WILD.


Our #rp14 diaries mini-series will not only feature reflections on the atmosphere and sessions of the past days but also give a unique insight behind the scenes.


Some first impressions of the comings-and-goings on day one are presented in our #rp14 diaries.


Learn the art of digital self defense with re:claim the net. Tactical Tech will be hanging out at re:publica, ready to offer you hands-on advice on digital security and online privacy. #workshop

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