Mobilize! An invitation to the #rp14 app


#rp14 App

You are a coder and want to test your skills on a mobile app? Then we invite you to come and implement our event programme data into a #rp14 app.

Three days of conference & festival, 500 speakers and 250 hours of programme – and all of that conveniently and neatly presented on a smart phone? It can be done! In 2014, we'll once again feature a mobile version of our website – but no official app.

Developers who want to test their mettle on our event programme and speaker data-dumps are invited to implement their ideas in a #rp14 app. We will set (almost) no bounds on your creativity, but there are some FAQ*. We'll supply you with all relevant data and you'll implement it in an app for one or more mobile OSs of your choice and of your design.

To make things even easier, the team from OpenDataCity has again provided an own API at (made by OpenDataCity, supported by re:publica).

So if you want to test your app-skills, you can go there and get all of the important information on sessions, data on speakers and much more. Once again, many thanks for this service.

Don't forget: have you included our German AND international speakers, a calender featuring 'favourites', all of the sessions, background information on our speakers, the separate Business Festival and the integration of the live-streams? In that case we're excited to see what your #rp14 app looks like. In a vote on location, we'll give all rp14 participants a change to submit their choice for best app.

We will thank everyone, who makes a finished app available for download by 5 May, through:

  • the acknowledgement by around 5,000 #rp14 visitors and user of your self-built application
  • promoting your app in advance of #rp14, through all of our online-outlets
  • a 15 minute presentation of your app at #rp14 (incl. two free tickets for the entire rp14)
  • being awarded best app at #rp14.


Take part and register at:


What are the deadlines? You should get yourselves registered by 31 March 2014 and make your app available for download to our visitors by 5 May 2014.

How will my app be rated? During re:publica, we will feature an official vote at the STATION-Berlin based on the following criteria: Is the app helpful? Is it easy to use and innovative? Does it have a cool design?

How can one vote for the app? Voting and rating will be done by the #rp14 participants and guests through an official and secret ballot. The exact procedure will be announced in due time. In order for us to identify you during the vote, please use the following format when naming your app: “rp14 – COMPANY NAME/DEVELOPER”

Can I integrate advertisements into the app? No, please do not feature any advertisement or sponsoring in the #rp14 app – except, of course, for your own details as producers.

Will you be able to offer any support and what can I expect from it? We have tried to compile all of the important information for you. Unfortunately, due to staff resources we won't be able to offer any intensive support during development. Please accept that we can only offer limited responses to queries.

OpenDataCity prives a How-to:
Questions and suggestions can be submitted via the developer mailing list while bugs can be submitted via the GitHub Issues list.

What is the data structure?
The latest state can be found in this short documentation.