re:health - #t1d, Autists and Cyborgs

Health care is a dinosaur: slow, lumbering, not particularly attune to the Web. Innovative technologies have to go down arduous paths through institutions, until they are finally added to normal treatment practices. 

More and more people don't want to (or can't) wait any longer and are looking to apps for alternatives. They are afflicted by an illness and see how easily technology can support their needs. Together with like-minded people and fellow patients, they are looking to redefine and create their own digital world based on their needs. Following beta testing on their own bodies, they share their developments with others.

re:health sessions will cover topics from new health 2.0 apps to online therapies to laptop yoga and cyborgs, and will all take place on 7 May. They will be moderated by Tobias Neisecke, who once again co-curated the topic track. 

Photo: re:publica