#rp14 speaker: Greta Taubert – Apocalypse Now!

It was when eyeing her grandmother’s tablecloth that Greta Taubert became aware of how dependent we are on our prosperity: surviving (god forbid…) without a car, without supermarkets, without power, heating or running water? Impossible?

Taubert wanted to find out for herself and dared an experiment: For one year she tried to live as self-sufficiently as possible. Vegetables came from her very own garden instead of a supermarket, she learnt to preserve perishable foods, stockpile emergency supplies, learnt how to butcher an animal and how to survive in the wild – in her case: in a hut in the German forest. Time and time again she was confronted by the same question: what do humans really need and what is dispensable?

The book she wrote about her experiment is called “Apocalypse Jetzt!” (Apocalypse Now!) and focuses on her preparations for a new social order. Taubert feels that the collapse of our current system is a possibility that isn’t all that distant – and one ought to prepare for it.

Greta Taubert will be at re:publica and tell us about her personal experience of going INTO THE WILD and share some of her discoveries. Spoiler alert: going it solo, without a community, is pretty impossible.

Photo: Greta Taubert