Robert M. Bauer
Professor of Organization and Innovation

Robert M. Bauer is professor of Orga­ni­zat­ion and Innovation at Johannes Kepler University, Linz. His research focuses on the management of inno­vation processes and the enhance­ment of industrial crea­tivity — in­cluding the potential and risk in inte­grating management with art and de­sign. His writings explore the conse­quences of complexity and different epistemo­logical modes for industrial creativity. Dr. Bauer was a visiting professor for several years at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, a leading insti­tution in the field of ‘Design Thinking’. His study of potential cultural usages of the historic industrial area Tabakfabrik Linz forms the basis for the future development of this pre­cinct. Dr. Bauer’s research has appeared in major journals in North America and the German-speaking realm. He has been active as a speaker and advisor in Europe, North America and China, and is also a registered psycho­therapist coaching senior executives. 

Business & Innovation
08.05.2014 - 16:45 bis 17:15
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