[abgesagt] Prototyping the self: A lean startup approach to identity

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014 - 12:30 bis 13:30


Leveraging ideas from performance studies, we want to take innovators on a journey inside their shadow selves to explore ideas of identity innovation. Tapping into a more elastic personal identity is key for those looking to transform their careers, behaviors and thought patterns. But hacking your identity and embracing personal pivots is challenging. Through interactive and playful exercises participants will learn to cultivate greater diversity within themselves and honor their alter egos. We'll identify concrete roadblocks impeding us from becoming our more authentic selves and explore areas where we can gain access to different skills and competencies by tapping a different persona.


This workshop is about diving into "the Wild" of the Self.  There are a few personas hidden inside our wild, ugly, real Self. We'll pull them a little closer, and take an embracing look at all the ugly fuckers that are being part of our general, major Self. Are they fake? Are they authentic? What the hell does authentic mean? How well do I know the little-bossy-bitch-part of myself? How often do I pull out my little-helpless- girl? Are they competitors? What problem do they solve? Who angel-invested in them? Are they sustainable? And what is their business modell? Next to creating the sleakest brand of ourselves possible, online and offline on networking-dinner-partys there is the wild, wild jungle of our selves, that we want to step our feet into. We're using techniques from the Startup Industry, Change Management, Innovation Strategies, elements from theatre / performing arts, Design Thinking and the bits and pieces we picked up from cheap magazines about psychotherapy.

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