Defending Human Rights worldwide - learning from the best - what's working & why

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 12:30 bis 13:30
stage 2


The world is waking up to injustices and inequities. And it is happening simultaneously in various countries and communities. And now these communities are beginning to inspire and help each other. This phenomenon, facilitated by the internet and technology, is leading society into completely unchartered territory. We will discuss how and why this is happening, and where this will lead. NOT TO BE MISSED!


Have you noticed that mass demonstrations, civil disobedience and protests have been erupting simultaneously across various countries?  Coincidence? We think not.

Our panel of world renowned defenders of human rights will share best practices regarding reaching out to their own communities, and farther beyond to various supporters and change-makers.

As various networks connect to form a network of networks, it is having a multiplicative effect on the rise of people power worldwide. People are drawing inspiration from activities in other communities and countries, and learning that the power elite CAN be questioned and brought to justice when such people act against the interest of society. Above all, they are shedding their fear of reprisal and suppression, the initial response of the power elite against any uprising.

We will share our insights regarding the coalescence of people power that we have observed through our activities and conversations with communities worldwide. We will share our predictions of what these phenomena will result in, and how, in the years to come, the world will be extremely different than what we have ever seen, and what most of us can imagine. Our panelists will tell us how they are connecting to different change-makers worldwide, and what impact this is having on their own activities.


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