Escaping Dystopia

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 15:00 bis 15:30
stage 5


The world needs a vision - a vision on how to get away from a dystopian reality.


Binding together all the knowledge and technology and idiologic ideas that can help us create a beautiful world worth living in. In 42 episodes of Radio.Prototypen we collected projects and ideas from all walks of life that can bring us a future that is radically different and has nothing to do with a hollywood dystopia we are heading towards. Puzzle pieces from robots to permaculture to getting future ideas of trade without money, to transportation, housing, water, energy - creating a picture of that greener happier world.  This talk will paint that picture by highlighting projects and people offline and online that keep pushing us creatively forward, that help us think positively, that  inspire us to radically change our way of living, raise our living standards and balance our footprint to sustainable levels. It will also be giving ideas on how to counteract the current pessimistic mood and circumvent political and socio-economical trends that lack that kind of future vision. 


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