Fablabs in Egypt, bam booming!

Science & Technology
Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 17:30 bis 17:45
GIG lounge



In only a span of a few years, the Fab Lab concept has gained an enormous momentum in Egypt with already 2 officially part of the international network. The demand for decentralized production and prototyping has boomed since the 2011 revolution with a sense of independence by the youth. Laser cutters, CNC machines, and 3D printers are not only spreading, start-ups and entrepreneurs are taking them to a global level.


A few years ago, Fablab Egypt emerged on the maker scene in Cairo.  By 2012, icecairo had been founded and functioned as a Fab Lab, coworking space, and tech innovation hub.  Many organizations are now a part of an emerging Makers Movement that is adamant about creating the change desired in 2011.  The power of creativity shall no longer be stifled.  With the power of the internet, Egypt’s youth now has a growing interest to innovate on the “Bit” level, as opposed to the “Byte”.

The ice network has promoted innovation through collaboration and helps young entrepreneurs in reaching their goals.  Together, the network has tied together makers of 3 major cities and supported the open source philosophy while making it all financially feasible. 

The combination of entrepreneurs, organizations, maker networks, increasing access to digital fabrication, and the knowledge found on the internet is creating an imbalance never expected before and still knows no limits.


This session is part of the GLOBAL INNOVATION GATHERING programme.

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