Google Nest: Your data, our future

Business & Innovation
Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 15:00 bis 15:30
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Imagine if you could trust a company with your data. If you could open up with all your fears and secrets. Google Nest offers just that trust.


With the rapid digitisation of our lives, we began to lose control. Surveillance looms all over, digital identities run away from real ones, children retreat into devices and virtual networks, and all the while our insurances premiums increase. Google Nest presents the future of your favourite digital tool, with a range of new products to assure the best for your life and insure you against the worst. Here are just two of them:

Google Hug. You want to connect through hugs? Create circles with your friends and families to always know where to find them and deliver a real physical hug. Their online devices are switched off? With our location finder, we can tell you exactly where and how to surprise them! Imagine the surprise on your kids' faces when you interrupt their attempted hubbly-bubbly hangout with a round of hugs!

Google Trust. Surveillance and companies' compliance with the state is a problem, Google recognizes that. But if you actually have nothing to hide and you want to ensure that you or your business doesn't suffer from international data-sharing programs, we trust you. We can offer you state-of-the-art protection safe from leaks, counter-surveillance on your potential adversaries and a full payout for your family, should we receive a government request for your data. Terrorists spread fear, governments seed discontent. We promise only comfort. 

Google Nest is part of Google's Digital Difference program. 


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