guns, sex and rock'n'roll as 3d prints

Politics & Society
Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 16:15 bis 17:15
stage C


Kill, love and create. 3d printers are more than an industrial revolution. They are also a new media for artists and digital natives to manipulate the real world with virtual objects. We presentate and talk about 3d printing as art.


Live 3d printing services with at least two printers. The team is introducing history 3d prints to the visitors, starting with the famous  automatic gun "Mauser98", which is planned as a true-to-scale printable gun in memory of  the world war one starting 100 years ago. Also we will show an interacitve web based dildo generator and some user created printed sex toys. All these objects will be  dynamically remixed and intentioness copyright infringements will  be spicely added.

The session includes stationary live 3d printing, a presentation and a 60 min talk.

Support the crowdfunding project I'll give 30,- Euro for the 3D printed monument #nomoreweapons of the world war one rifle Mauser98 in true-to-scale at -  

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