Health 2020 - How Science Fiction turns into Reality

Science & Technology
Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 11:15 bis 11:45
stage D



Joe is a man like you and me. He prefers watching action movies on Friday nights, rather than finishing a hard work week with hitting the gym. A healthy lifestyle isn't quite his thing. He likes Gin Tonic and good red wine, chocolate with whole hazelnuts and burgers. Especially burgers. But luckily Joe has one advantage that all of us don't have yet. He lives in the future. Not the far future, but in the year 2020. Six years later from now, healthcare will have improved extraordinarily. Let's take a look at Joe's daily life and find out what we can expect.


Joe's story includes all major hopes of the health 2.0 movement:

  • telemedicine
  • big data
  • remote monitoring
  • genetic testing
  • new medical devices
  • social networks in healthcare
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