Healthcare in the wild – welcome to the garage

Science & Technology
Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 11:45 bis 12:15
stage D



Healthcare is changing, and us with diabetes are the excited guinea pigs. We are also called the involuntary pioneers of the quantified self movement. The democratization of knowledge and cheap tools to reach millions enables us to affect change in health care - at a deeper level than ever before.


Starting at the age of four, my life has been filled with needles and blood, test strips and vials, glucagon and hospital visits – and ordinary stuff like school, games, love, computers, the invention of the internet, skiing, beer and the introduction of smartphones. What happens when all this is mixed together?

In this talk I’ll share a few stories from my life with a chronic disease – for instance how I changed the philosophy of my therapy by dressing it up as a game and what this has led to. What I learnt is now in the hands of over 100.000 people. I believe this is a great example of what is currently going on in healthcare – we are taking it into our garages, into our own hands.

Since 2010 I am part of building a mobile health company which is seen as one of the best practice examples in digital health. My team and I have the opportunity of affecting the health and lives of millions of people! Yet when “expert laypeople” like us wield this kind of power there is something which comes with it – the responsibility for the life of every single user. It’s not an easy task if taken seriously; regulations and directives have to be met and followed - and these are not exactly put down in 140 chars.

Is the world ready for this change? Is society? Are the authorities?

Well, kind of, but it’s already out there.

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