How We Won The Battle On Net Neutrality In Europe

Politics & Society
Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 13:45 bis 14:45
stage 6


Reflections on the events leading to the decision for net neutrality in the European parliament.


For several years the debate about net neutrality is going on in the EU. For a long time nothing happened besides consultations after consultations until September 2013 the European Commission suddenly proposed a regulation that claims to complete the digital single market and thereby abolish net neutrality almost completely.

With only a few months left till the european elections and a very tight time schedule for political debate a coalition of several european NGOs started the campaign SaveTheInternet.EU. Its goal was to get the public informed about this legislation and get them to join in the fight for an open and free internet. At the time of this talk we will now how the fight ended so its time to look back and learn. This talk will either tell the story of how we won or why we lost net neutrality in Europe.


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