Let The People Know: Communication as a tool for success

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 10:15 bis 11:00
GIG lounge



Startup entrepreneurs have everything in their mind: the business model, the business plan etc.. But they tend to forget that it's also about building an image. Make yourself and your team known, talk about your aims, your skills, your dreams. It's called self promotion. Beate Wedekind, founder of TheNewAfrica//Journal of Change, shows how to do it right.


After 6 months online and 600 posts later: TheNewAfrica // Journal of Change is the platform for the aspiring bright generation of young professionals, who want to move their communities, their countries, their whole continent forward. Founder Beate Wedekind, journalist and startup entrepreneur, talks about new ways of image building through communication.


This session is part of the GLOBAL INNOVATION GATHERING programme.

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