My Heart-Shape Will Go On: It's Time for Emoji Karaoke!

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 20:30 bis 21:00
stage 1


In Emoji Karaoke, participants from the audience will compete against each other to quickly translate a famous song lyric into emoji. The only requirements are a sense of humor, some creativity, and lightning-quick thumbs. Whether you come to watch or play, Emoji Karaoke is guaranteed to keep you entertained!


Emoji are everywhere these days. Originating in Japan, these little unicode images have started taking on global cultural significance and appearing in places far beyond our phone screens, including music videos and art shows. One of the more popular uses of emoji have been to take other media forms-- such as literature, art, television scripts, and song lyrics-- and translate them into emoji, creating an entire new art form. Great emoji translations (or Emoji Art) usually come from a combination of time and creativity, but what happens when time is removed from the equation?

The format of the session is like a game show and after a short introduction in Emoji Art you can compete against each other in Emoji Karoke. May the best Emoji Enthusiast win!


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