Networking [European] Democracy

Politics & Society
Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 15:30 bis 16:00
stage 4



Can you create decentralised, networked democracy in a big government world? At the European level, where there is no single political space, does networked democracy give the opportunity of a networked demos? How should the next European Commission and Parliament do better. Let us make some suggestions.


This workshop will hear about approaches to opening up decision making on three very different levels - the local, the national and the European. 

Politics needs to be a network and not just broadcasting. We need all voices to be heard. On a European level the European Parliament can make a difference when the national politicians fail. How do we open up European politics to have an open and inclusive political debate? How to allow voters to be heard and make politicians listen and cooperate. Workshop will discuss suggestions for the new European Commission and Parliament on creating an open democratic debate across Europe for the next 5 years so our voices can be heard.

Anthony Zacharzewski from the Democratic Society in the UK will share experience from two developing projects in England, "NHS Citizen" which is trying to build a citizen participation mechanism for the 50 million users of England's National Health Service, and "Lewes Civic Platform" which is trying to connect local civic activist networks in Sussex on the South Coast. 

Karen Melchior, a Danish European Parliamentary candidate will share her campaign experience, and her ideas for building a connected European politics.


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