Peer-to-Peer – Learning for a wi(l)der knowledge

Research & Education
Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014 - 15:30 bis 16:00
stage 1



Delia, one of the co founders and the President of P2PU, will showcase some of P2PU current and future cool projects - and some of the surprising results that come out of learning by the seat of your pants.


The current model for education is broken. in terms of access and costs the current education system cannot satisfy the demands from either the traditional economies or those of the booming young populations in transitional economies. Copyright around the world is also broken as it fails to respond to people’s desire to take advantage of the ubiquity of access to the internet and to participate in the new sharing and remix culture. Teaching and learning is also undergoing a radical transition from talk and chalk to the flipped classroom and peer learning.

P2PU and its collaborators are on the cutting edge of the next generation of education providers.  P2PU in an open online education organisation powered by volunteers and cool collaborator such as Mozilla, Creative Commons, MIT Media Lab, Jamlab, Open Knowledge Foundation, NYU Steihardt School etc who want education to be free, open, engaged and experimental.


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