The Shape-shifting future of media

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 14:15 bis 14:45
stage C


Touchscreen, Smart TV and new devices are changing the way we design interfaces for tv and media. The new available technologies are forcing broadcasters to explore new territories, where compelling user experiences are supported by innovative interaction patterns and immersive visuals to shape the future of video engagement.


We live in a world where services are distributed by multiple always-connected devices and users can access to digital content anytime, anywhere.

This change in the consumer habits is evolving faster than the ability of broadcasters to extend their digital strategy according to the ever evolving devices ecosystem. We then see more and more media providers trying to stay up-to-date by integrating their offer with new digital services and integrating social features in a traditional one-way only communication strategy. This is no longer enough for the new media consumer.

The new media product leverages the content to a next-generation experience by enabling social recommendations, upgrading search features and choreographing new discovery experiences. Pursuing all of this, never leaving behind the highest interaction standards and the most engaging visual appeal is the expected challenge in designing for media.

User experience design is then the key to the new multi-screen TV success as it’s changing both the business model behind the media distribution and the content production. 

We’ll drive the audience behind-the-scenes of this media evolution: from the reasons behind this transition to the boundaries of the new media design for entertainment; discovering the challenges to design an engaging experience and the methods to define the content strategy for different digital touchpoints.

“The Medium is the Message and the Message is the Medium” 

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