Urban exploration: local places under a different angle

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 15:30 bis 16:00
stage 5


I will take you on a journey to the high industrial towers and abandoned bomb shelters. It's when history becomes a reality and you are no longer able to look at the same place in the way you used to. I will share some secrets and my personal experience. Also, during this session I will unveil the aspects photography in such extreme places.


In this session I am going to talk about the exploration of the abandoned places of any kind, based on my own experience, as well as about secret military constructions left from the former USSR: bomb shelters, towers, buildings. This will be shown with the help of professional photographs from the exploration raids in the Baltic states. And I have prapared a lot of previosly unpublished photographs.

The main goals and topics are:

  • To introduce Urban exploration movement. 
  • To show the importance of historical site preservation.
  • To encourage people to be more curious and interested in exploring their local places that may seem familiar at first. 
  • To explain the photographic methods of capturing views of that kind.
  • To entertain the audience with the breathtaking views. 
  • To show that anyone can do this


Join this talk and embrace a whole new experience. 


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