Using open data to map what Big Oil does around the world (UPDATED)

Politics & Society
Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 12:30 bis 13:30
stage J



OpenOil invites you to help contribute to a global and permanent map of BP and its 1,500 affiliate companies around the world, using public filings and disclosures, a Google form, and open visualisation techniques. In 60 minutes you will hear from activists in the Niger Delta and London why this is important - and then get to work adding some data to the network mapping.


Sooner or later there will be a political shift and a recognition that we need sensible policy on use of the world's natural resources. But the policy tools that will help globally responsible don't yet exist. Gaibase, a new project backed by a Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship, addresses that gap. Gaiabase will build in public domain a complete database of all the world's natural resources, starting with oil and mining and moving onto land, forestry and water. Using open data standards, and evolving a namespace to uniquely describe every natural resource on the planet, Gaibase will both integrate information already scattered around the Internet, and engage the crowd in completing the picture. With more countries than ever before more affected by extractive industries, and planetary boundaries already hard pressed, Gaiabase is necessary - and possible. The session will include a hands-on group piece of crowdsourcing, using satellite photography.

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