What the heck is Science Hack Day?

Science & Technology
Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 16:45 bis 17:15
stage A



Get excited and make things, with science!


Science hack day is an epic science hack party where awesome people get together, build things and stay up all night! We put scientists, coders, designers, makers, anyone with a good idea, together in one place for an intense 24 hours to see what they come up with: sparks of genius? the solutions to the world’s problems? or the weirdest, most useless things you could never imagine. The aim is to break down barriers. To show that science can be something to play with or something to inspire. And to bring fresh perspectives and different creative approaches to scientific problems.

We’ll talk about how Science Hack Day got started, talk about our experiences with Science Hack Day Berlin in 2013 and with re:publica’s Youth Science Hack Day, and showcase some of Berlin’s finest science hacks. 

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