Marcin Koziej
I live and work in Warsaw, where I am a PHD candidate on at the Institute of Philosophy at the Univeristy of Warsaw. My research is concentrated on the new media and human collaboration from the perspective of social philosophy. I am also an activist working in formal and informal organizations: Net Research Net, focused on new media and digital rights, freedom of speech and communication; research, the Modern Poland Foundation, which struggles for development of free cultural commons, the Mokotów Food Cooperative, of which I'm an initiator, and the Cargo Bike Cooperative there I'm a participant. Besides my interest in Philosophy I hold a MSc in Computer Science. These fields converge in what interests me the most: the emergent structures in a networked society organized for common action, creation of common knowledge and production of common value.
Politics & Society
07.05.2014 - 11:15 bis 11:45
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