Joerg Meyer
I prepare drinks in public. I love good drinks. Good drinks taste better in combination with a great story. Sometimes even better with a little fairy tale. I tell both while serving drinks and champagne. By the way: I saber champagne like a pro… I drink in public. I write about this habit. I speak about all this in public. Life is good. I have the pleasure to do keynotes about my profession and my passion at bar shows all over the world. Sometimes I even get paid for it - I am a happy man. 2007 I opened a small bar in Hamburg, called Le Lion • Bar de Paris. Le Lion has won several international Awards. In 2012, we added THE BOILERMAN BAR. I love working in bars. I created the GIN BASIL SMASH. Today it is mixed all over the world. Cool, isn’t it? Sometimes I take a seat at a bar anywhere in the world to suddenly get a drink on the house from the bartender.  Because bartenders and barflies have a secret global network. If you are bored from sitting in front of a screen, you should join…  
07.05.2014 - 20:00 bis 21:00
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