Fua Tse

Born and bred Cameroonian, I was raised in the English town of Bamenda. As a teenager, I had a passion for video games and was always top in challenges. Over time, I developed curiosity in how those games were developed and that is how I gained interest in programming and then software development.

While a student in the university, I was already a junior developer at Afro-Vision, a software development company a key person in my life today, Valery Colong. As we were in the same department, we had many things in common and spoke a lot.

After my BSc in Mathematics, Valery and I decided to start up a venture. No capital, relatively no experience, being in Cameroon, you can phantom the numerous challenges of these young men. This drove us to meet Bill Zimmerman who was then a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. Together, we started what is known today as ActivSpaces – (African Centre for Technology, Innovation and Ventures) with the primary objective of attracting innovative ideas and providing the very basic nursery in which these ideas can thrive.

Zinger Systems is the venture Valery and I eventually started immediately benefited from all ActivSpaces offered us and today, it is an IT Consulting Company with a host of products on the shelf. It is also a partner to VC4Africa (Venture Capital for Africa), the leading match-making platform for Venture Capitalists and Venture owners in Africa.

I am passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, accelerator programs and how to raise funds so as to make it even easier for ideas in ActivSpaces to thrive and become independent ventures.