Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison is Investigations Editor at WikiLeaks, the Internet-based publishing organisation which makes headlines around the world by releasing suppressed information about corporate, government and military corruption and misconduct.

Harrison gained international recognition when she took a flight with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and remained with him for months in Russia whilst working as part of the WikiLeaks team that rescued him from U.S. persecution and advised on his asylum application to Russia. Though a British citizen, Harrison’s lawyers have advised her not to return home following her courageous work with Snowden, due to the U.K.’s extremely broad anti-terror laws.

Formerly with the Centre for Investigative Journalism and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Harrison joined WikiLeaks in 2010, before the publication of the Afghan War Diary. Since then, she has worked on WikiLeaks' publications, including the U.S. diplomatic cables, The Iraq War Logs and The Spyfiles which detail the global surveillance industry, amongst many others.

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