Nicolas Friederici
Doctoral Student

Nicolas is a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute. Under the supervision of Dr. Mark Graham, his research examines the dynamics of complex innovation ecosystems in developing countries, and in particular the role of technology innovation hubs. He was awarded the Clarendon Scholarship as an incoming student.

Nicolas is also consultant for the Mobile Innovation for Development and ICT Policy & Regulation programs at infoDev (World Bank). He helps to coordinate and analyze infoDev's global mobile incubation and entrepreneurship network of innovation hubs (“mLabs” and “mHubs”). He has supported activities for innovation and talent sourcing, such as an online competition for mobile application developers. Nicolas is also involved with infoDev's research agenda on mobiles for development. He contributed to projects on ICTs for post-conflict reconstruction, as well as the ICT Regulation and Broadband Strategies Toolkits.

Previously, Nicolas had published in broadband economics and policy, social online behavior, and knowledge management. Nicolas was a Fulbright scholar at Michigan State University, where he received a Master’s degree in Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media. He also holds a Diplom (equivalent to Master's) in Media Studies and Media Management from the University of Cologne.

innovation ecosystems, regional innovation systems, tech hubs, innovation hubs, geography of innovation, innovation networks, complexity, complex adaptive systems, network analysis, dynamic network analysis, innovation policy, ICT4D, M4D

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