Kitty Leering
Program Director

Kitty Leering is Program Director for PICNIC Festival and other PICNIC activities since 2009. She has been involved in PICNIC from its inception as crossmedia and technology event in 2006 and has played an active role in its development into a platform addressing the grand challenges of today through social innovation, technology and creativity. The annual PICNIC Festival, that was based in Amsterdam will be travelling through Latin America in 2014 and 2015 exploring the theme of "Refefining Growth". 

As owner of Dutchblend, a private company, Kitty has developed, programmed and advised a number of companies, NGO's and events. Until 2005, she worked as the Event Director Benelux for the IT-research firm IDC, building their Benelux event business from the ground up. It was through her role as Project Manager at Media Plaza (1997-2002) that she first got acquainted with the world of Internet, ICT and new media and built her firm belief in its unequivocal power to change the world.

Kitty is an avid food lover and cook. She likes to hike through the famous wine areas in the world and throw multi-course diners for her friends.

Business & Innovation
07.05.2014 - 14:15 bis 14:45
GIG lounge