Val Racheeva
CEO & Founder

Val is an entrepreneurship developer with an international track record. She knows that nothing is impossible and you can only change the world by changing yourself from within.

There are no borders, only those we create ourselves. She knows that everyone can turn passion into profit. Her passion is to unlock people’s potential for achieving bigger goals and helping them to start their own businesses.

She worked at governmental agency, which was in charge of startups. She organized big international investment events and advised business owners on setting up companies. After quitting, she got involved in the startup scene and was impressed by its dynamic environment.

She was always committed to the subject of women’s position in society. It threw her how low the number of women was in the startup scene. Val says: “Women have enormous potential; they are smart, creative and competent. I always meet women who have amazing ideas! Often insecurity and lack of self-worth stops us from going further.” She knows that, because she was once there too. Now she is a social entrepreneur. Her goal is to help millions of women all over the world to create startups.