Crowdsourcing done right: Basic rules for successful interaction with the crowd

Business & Innovation
Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 11:00 bis 12:00



Crowdsourcing is the method of choice for projects which need temporary access to talents, have a low budget or need a big flexibility. But a lot of crowdsourcing projects fail as the projects are simply not following the basic rules of interaction. The key is to understand the management of independent teams. Knowing 5 simple laws will not only help you to make your next crowdsourcing project a success – it will also help you to understand the future of work, which more and more goes away from lifelong fixed employment towards independent and distributed networks.


Crowdsourcing is a promising methodology to get work done without having to deal with fixed teams. The basic approach appears to be easy : Find the right experts, tell them what they need to do, offer a reward, collect the work - and it’s done.

This is not so far away from task delegation in normal organizations but ignores a main difference: The crowd is independent, anonymous, unknown as well as often not willing to follow normal command and control structures as it likes its liberty.

Intrinsic motivators rule much more as in usual employments where money is the main activator and a work contract is defining the framework: This makes the management somehow more “esoteric”.

Nevertheless some concrete rules can help to support these soft factors and make your crowdsourcing project a success.

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