Looking for Freedom

Politics & Society
Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014 - 16:15 bis 16:45
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This is more than a keynote. It’s a discussion that will take digital freedom to a new level.


Not only that, it will also kick off the writing of the #fsecure #digitalfreedom manifesto - something we invite anyone who feels strongly about privacy issues to join. This is your chance to make a difference. The #fsecure #digitalfreedom manifesto will be a crowdsourced document and will focus on the main themes listed below.

Theme 1: Mass Surveillance

How can we protect ourselves in a world where the two greatest tools of our time, the mobile phone and the internet, have been turned into tools of mass surveillance?

Theme 2: Digital Persecution

Privacy is non-negotiable. It is a basic human right and we believe that it should be built into every single system we use. We believe that no government organisation should be able to persecute individuals by illegally accessing private information.

Theme 3: Digital Colonization

Technologies are fundamentally changing our world at a staggering speed. But just because something is technically possible doesn’t mean that we should have to blindly accept it into our lives.

Theme 4: Right of Access, Movement and Speech

What we say and write should not be of no interest to any government or governmental organisation and we should fight for the freedom of access to platforms, movement and freedom of speech.

Make your voice heard by contributing to the #fsecure #digitalfreedom manifesto.


Presented by f-secure.


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