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Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 12:30 bis 13:30
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Anett Gläsel-Maslov: Augmented Reality – the new User Interface of the Future?

Augmented Reality (AR) may seem like a futuristic concept, but it will be a reality of our digital lives. AR is a new technology that blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer generated by enhancing what we hear, see and feel. From location-based services to maintenance applications, it is possible to enhance anything with AR. The recent release of next-gen “smart” glasses means that AR can now provide a "hands-free" experience, making it the user interface of the future. Find out more at

Thomas Handorf: Webpgr – The swiping interactive Web

Webpgr (say “Webpager”) is the new way to design stunning, interactive and touching websites. Without complex menus and without reloading of subpages you move, rotate or zoom through the web. If you know Powerpoint you can build a website with Webpgr. Place elements freely on an unlimited 2D canvas and link them.  Webpgr is for people that just don’t like normal. People who want their projects, products and ideas presented in a way that is individual and touching. That’s you? Claim your site!

David Bonney: Why ATHEIST Shoes & Why it worked…

We’ll talk about the evolving reasons why we launched our unlikely business. From half-baked art project, keen to provoke and bring absurdity & aesthetic to atheism. Through social cause, deeply feeling the importance of encouraging atheists out of the closet. To antidote for a wrong-headed fashion industry, that patronises its customers and withholds real quality.  We’ll also talk about why it worked, and how ATHEIST is in many ways a child of its time – crowdfunded, longtail, inexperienced, and putting values before value, often at the expense of growth, but to the benefit of a customer relationship as deep and honest as any business could hope for.

Elton Rivas: Breaking through the Digital Noise – In Person Crowdfunding

In today's digital environment, we are constantly connected and building new networks. This short talk will offer thoughts on the role of innovation, collaboration and leadership in creating the World's First Crowdfunding Festival, One Spark. Learn why 260,000 people attended in the second year and how startup communities can benefit from this type of approach.

Carla Kirmis: The Start-Up Chile Program

Start-Up Chile is a program created by the Chilean Government that seeks to  attract early-phase, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their  startups using Chile as a platform to go global. The program offers its  participants a global network in order to achieve this. During the six  months the participants must establish themselves in Chile, for which  they receive a 1-year work visa and USD$40k. The program, unique in the  world, is the ideal opportunity for bootstrappers to receive funding  without ceding equity while utilizing Chile as their  launching/development platform.

Arend-Jan Majoor: Everybody is an expert

At Frismakers we created a marketplace of professional workshops. Frismakers helps experts with advertising their expertise in a professional way to innovators. Think about courses, expert sessions, 1 to 1 meetings, webinars, debating, brainstorms and round tables. We believe that every person is an expert in something and we help them with offering them formats and online presence and recruitment to ones who want to develop. It is unique in a way that offering a workshop is not limited to official trainers, speakers and coaches anymore. In this way it has become a good alternative for the traditional education sector.


Hosted by David Knight, Editor-in-Chief of Sillicon Allee.


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