Tales for GrownUps

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014 - 15:30 bis 16:00
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What if you not are entirely happy that there are 10 million news references to The Kardashians and only a couple of hundred about a suppressive regime as Belarus? What if the gap in wages between men and women is fixed at a 1970 level but no one seems to care? What if you want the political establishment to talk about culture but they simply don’t? There are always one more untold store that can fascinate. A story interesting enough to be re-told.


When everyone is looking for the perfect story the difference between success and failure is no longer money. Never has more creativity being directed into creating contagious content than today. Having created stories for the last 10 years we’d like to share what we’ve learned. 
From the outside founding political parties, burning money, faking guide busses, starting schools or buying airplanes and learning how to fly them might seem diverse.
The underlying mechanics of these diverse stories are surprisingly simple. 
A designed and targeted story can not only make the life miserable for bad guys, it can raise sufficient awareness to trigger political actions. When the world gets increasingly entangled movement in one part of the system can have effects in the most surprisingly places.
The world as we know it no longer consist of atoms, it consists of the stories and the best story teller wins. 


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