Gregor Martynus

Gregor is a freelance software developer and Designer, born near Krakow, raised in Frankfurt, currently living with his wife in Zurich and commuting a lot to Berlin. He works remotely and usually with teams spread around the world, for both professional and voluntary work.

In 2012, an article catched his attention "From Kenya to Madagascar: The African tech-hub boom" [bbc]. It showed a map of 20+ tech hubs spread around the African Sub Saharan countries. Given the fact that their seem to be tech communities, he wondered why he didn't hear about any yet. So he spread the article on twitter, suggesting to change that. Many friends responded, the idea of the AfricaHackTrip was born, and it came to reality in September/October 2013 with a group of 9 European designers, developers and bloggers.

When not planning the next trip, he works on Hoodie, an open plattform to enable as many people as possible to create simple applications, as well as, a very simple app to track results of meetings.

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