Victoria Wenzelmann

Vicy is a member of the AfricaHackTrip crew. This group of European developers and designers went on a journey to East Africa to meet, work, play and build connections with their counterparts. In 5 weeks, they visited 4 countries where they hosted barcamps and hackathons in cooperation with the different tech hubs and explored the local tech scenes, often focussing on women in tech and open knowledge sharing. A documentary movie about the experiences, people and places is in the making. Vicy can't wait to meet the team and many of their friends from Africa at the Global Innovation Gathering and is expecting re:publica to be at least as (..wait for it..) awesome as AfricaHackTrip was. Vicy is also a publisher at, an organisational consultant and a huge fan of tinkering.

Business & Innovation
06.05.2014 - 17:30 bis 18:30
GIG lounge