Per Cromwell
Creative Director

Per Cromwell is a Swedish ad-man who turned inventor/activist.

For ten years he was running the advertising agency Studio Total

together with his cousin Tomas Mazetti. Being early in utilizing viral mechanism

and story telling Studio Total became synonymous with avantgardistic Advertising in

Scandinavia. In recent years the projcts turned more ideological and political and one of

the most talked about projects was when the agency illegally flew over Belarus and dropped Teddy Bears

demanding free speech, an action that led to Lukashenko firing two high ranking generals.


Per Cromwell also is one of the founders of The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery.

A skunk lab based in Sweden and among other things are working on a dog / human translator device called No More Woof.


Currently Per Cromwell is working at The Tale Studio. A company he founded together with Christoph Brunmayr.


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