Felipe Altenfelder

Felipe Altenfelder - Founder and Editor of Midia Ninja. He also  works in the national management of the Circuito Fora do Eixo (Off Axis Circut), in the Conection to Latin America area. He was manager of the State network of the Off Axis Circut in Sao Paulo; he was also founding member of Massa Coletiva (Collective Mass) - Cooperative Center of Communication and Culture, which acts as an official Point of the Off Axis network in Sao Carlos/SP since 2009, and also as founding member of Independência ou Marte - Conexões Solidárias (Independence or Mars - Solidary Connections). He conceived the Independence or Mars. He served as speaker and audio operator in Rádio UFSCar, besides participating in the process of implementation of the FM station and also online. He is in the coordination crew of  Grito Rock an Itnegrated festival maded in more than 40 countries and 400 cities in 2014. He graduated in Image and Sound from the Sao Carlos Federal University.