Thomas Lohninger

Thomas Lohninger is activist for civil liberties in the digital era. He currently lives in Vienna, studies Anthropology and used to work in IT. He's been very active on the topic of net neutrality which lead him to become Policy Advisor for European Digital Rights. In the Brussels office of the NGO he could work on the net neutrality aspects of the Telecom Single Market regulation in the months leading up to the plenary vote April 3rd 2014. 

He's been involved in the campaign to organize civil society against the proposed regulation and lobbyied for net neutrality protection on European Level. Before that he worked on the Austrian net neutrality campaign and many other projects over the years.

Besides his involvement in Brussels he also works for the Open Knoweldge Foundation Austria, the Austrian NGO Initiative für Netzfreiheit, AKVorrat and the German Digitale Gesellschaft. 

Politics & Society
07.05.2014 - 13:45 bis 14:45
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