Dana Trometer
Executive Producer

I have been working for the last 16 years as a TV & Film Editor for commissioned & independent projects. 

I started producing & directing 6 years ago and found that my knowledge of 3 languages (arabic , french and english) made me hit a niche market very rarely found in production people in London .

I have been busy in the last 2 years working on documentaries for NGOs and British TVs (BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 and ITV) as a producer and self shooting AP for prime time investigative pieces on the 'Arab Spring' and all what followed from regional wars and activities with refugees. 

I have plenty of knowledge in the field of marketing and social media presence for all kinds of entrepreneurial presence online.

I also run a post production studio in London.

I am very technical, i breath creativity, am easy going and I have a strong ability to solve problems on the spot, all besides my main passion which is“TO TELL STORIES”.


06.05.2014 - 17:30 bis 18:30
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