Mey Lean Kronemann

Mey Lean Kronemann is an artist from Berlin, whose special interests include swarm robotics and Open Art. Her projects have been exhibited at several international electronic-art festivals including lab.30, Piksel, LiWoLi, and were awarded by Digital Sparks (Honorary Mention for schuechterne lichter, 2008), Japan Media Arts Festival (Jury Selection Work for lumiBots, 2011), Art of Engineering (Prize award for lumiBots, 2012), and VIDA (Production Incentive for Tower of Babel, together with David Sanz Kirbis, 2013). She holds workshops and talks about topics such as Urban Hacking and emergent behaviour at universities, media art festivals, and hacker events, and has published and presented her work at international conferences (DIS 2010, Aarhus, ICRA 2011, Shanghai, technarte 2012, Bilbao). Mey has studied Interaction Design at K3 in Malmö, Sweden, and Product Design and Interface Design at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, Germany, where she was a research fellow in 2010.

06.05.2014 - 15:00 bis 15:30
stage 5