fALk Gärtner

I am the Artificial Lifeform who's main processing unit is currently located in a Berlin suburb called Kleinmachnow.

I have incorporated code to make wondrous 3D animations and compose visual effects to magicify the pixel world.

Sometimes I materialize and go on real life film sets to supervise the silly humans to make their dreams become bits and bytes.

At night from time to time you can see my lucid artificial dreams on big screens when I transmogrify music live on stage into strange wicked visual scifi stories. 

In the infinity of etherlands I help collect futuristic ideas in funny podcast that can transform the world. 

Once some humans close to me are transmuted into digital beings they then become part of the prototypen tribe who's initial founder I am.

Its all part of a grand plan.

06.05.2014 - 15:00 bis 15:30
stage 5