droidcon & LinuxTag


At LinuxTag (#linuxtag) 160 speakers, 70 projects, and 20 exhibitors showcase the Open Source experience. Talks explained that today Free Software is tied intrinsically to the Cloud and IT infrastructure. Tracks about config management, software deployment, virtualization, and Open Stack proved that claim. Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of the Linux-Kernel, holds a keynnote.
With protection against NSA surveillance after Snowden up to the recent Heartbleed issue, two tracks, workshops, and a hacking contest all covered a very special subject during the conference.

Further information: http://linuxtag.org/


droidcon is the world’s largest gathering of Android developers takes place pretty much simultaneously to re:publica. From 8 – 10 May, everyone interested in the mobile operating system, as well as its implementation and marketing, met at the STATION-Berlin.
During the first two conference days, its organisers presented high-class and exciting speakers, including representatives from Spotify, Tumblr, Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Intel, Sony, Nokia and Microsoft. droidcon’s final day on 10 May was reserved for its classic Barcamp.
Alongside its Barcamp and 60 talks on four tracks, the droidcon was great for meeting the Android community and discussing the platform’s newest developments and apps. droidcon is the ideal one-stop shop for all you developers and Android experts.

Further information: http://de.droidcon.com