#rp14 apps

A huge thank you to all developers for being so motivated and engaged, during rp14!


re:publica14 by Alexander Gräsel: The app provides an overview of all rp14 sessions and the option of creating a 'favourites' list and to access specific session detail.

Apps for iOs:

  • Check out re:app by Sascha Weinmann: The app includes the sessions, a map of the STATION-Berlin and a list of this year’s speakers. You can mark your favourite sessions and set a 10 minute reminder prior to their starts. It also features re:publica news updates. The app is available in German and English.
  • rp14 – heikowi by Heiko Wichmann: The app brings you all of the sessions, in list and schedule view, straight to your phone. The app also features a speaker list with biography information, a map, on which each re:publica visitor can upload a photo and a URL, as well as an offline mode, which can continue to perform updates (the complete set of data is downloaded by the app and thus can be accessed even without an active Internet connection)
  • rp14 @mrtoto by Thomas Kollbach: The app was created with the help of re:data. It features a calendar view with all session and speakers, options to filter by language, stage, track and difficulty level, as well as an offline mode and numerous features to set reminders and favourites.