About re:publica – Welcome to Europe's leading conference on internet and society

re:publica founders Markus Beckedahl, Andreas Gebhard, Johnny Haeusler, Tanja Haeusler
photo: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Since its foundation in 2007, re:publica has developed from an informal bloggers get-together into one of the world’s most important festivals for the digital society. re:publica 2014 is proud to have welcomed over 6.000 visitors to Berlin.

It is the heterogeneous mix of participants which creates the unique atmosphere and environment at every re:publica and is so crucial to a technology inspired conference.This year, 500 speakers representing over 45 countries were guests on re:publica's 18 stages. Activists, coders, artists, business people and representatives and many others from different walks of life and creative backgrounds enjoyed a stimulating and openly convivial environment for interaction. Significantly, nearly half of re:publica’s guests were female – few other such technology based events can claim such gender parity.

With three days of discussion and celebration in the company of some of the best technological, political, business and cultural thinkers, inspired, not least, by over 350 hours of programme content, it was, as is always the case, the best re:publica ever.

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