Save the date: The 9th re:publica will take place May 5–7 2015


Nach der #rp14 ist vor der #rp15: Die neunte re:publica findet vom 5. bis 7. Mai 2015 statt.

We're happy to announce the 9th re:publica, to be held May, 5 - 7 2015 and look forward to welcoming you at STATION-Berlin.
As in 2014, there will be a pre:publica on Monday, May, 4. Holding the registration event on the day before the programme actually begins, found such favour, we have decided to do this again. It removes the need for lengthy queueing at the opening and offers a more relaxed opportunity to say hello over a beer or a tasty snack.

To soothe the wait – and to give you an idea what re:publica is all about if you're not familiar with it, here's a short video with some impressions of #rp14:

re:member #rp14 – Join us in 2015 made by: 6sept13
Music: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Engine - InShape

re:publica '15 – be there

Whether as guest, speaker, partner or helping hand, we're inviting you to be a part of #rp15. Things will soon be happening, ticket sales start at the beginning of November, the call for papers with your ideas, at the beginning of December and the call for volunteers, in February. The exact timetable will be published on our social networks, the newsletter and here on the website. We'll give you plenty of notice.

It's not too soon for your input in preparation for next year's event. We are constantly on the lookout for individuals with exciting stories or specialist knowledge to share. Have you come across someone outstanding, or do have a topic you would like to see addressed at #rp15? If so, please let us know at: or send us a tweet.

Become a re:publica partner

Your business or organization wishes to be part of re:publica 2015? Please contact: for further information.

A piece of #rp14 to keep

In all their various functions, as seating and other furniture, for transporting or simply as storage, the 1.700 snow-white bakery boxes have accompanied us through #rp14. Though we have become attached to every single one, we simply do not have the space and have decided to part company with some of this versatile treasure. Many boxes have already found their place as shelves, flower-boxes and one has been transformed into a worm farm. We're really looking forward to hearing what may be in store for the remaining 474 bakery boxes.

To buy: 9,90 €/per unit, gross (60 x 40 x 35 cm, self collection in Berlin, Lichtenberg).
To rent: The boxes are ideal modules for a variety of uses. They can be used for seating, as tables or speaker pulpit, lounge seat modules or room division.

Interested? Questions? Simply send a short e-mail to:

"Unrestricted access to knowledge is digitalization's greatest opportunity"

In May, the Science Year 2014 – The Digital Society conducted a survey amongst this year's re:publica speakers. The findings are now published as a 'Special' on the Future of Learning. This includes video and written contributions by, amongst others, Gesche Joost (UdK), Maria Riemer (OKFN) and Phillip Schmidt (MIT & P2PU). The Survey findings are also available as a PDF download (in German only, sry!).

Keep up to date: the re:newsletter

In answer to the question often posed, yes, we have a newsletter. You can enter your name (in the right hand margin) if you don't want to miss deadlines for ticket sales or the call for papers. The Newsletter appears monthly, so we'll not be bombarding you with spam.


Foto: CC BY-SA Gregor Fischer